Concept idea: Air quality

For THE LIGHT FANTASTIC task I though maybe it would be nice to make a wearable that measures current local air quality simply visualizes it with led color. For this I would need some biometrical sensors, to measure e.g.  Methane (CH4), Carbon Monoxide (CO) or small dust particles. Then either few different color leds, or simply one multipurpose RGB led to present different air quality conditions. How it would be implemented to garment, I’m not sure yet, but I’m imaging a bag which outer surface signals air quality level to others.

To think about it even further, would be nice to also add a gps sensor plus storage space memory to log all that data by location and time and later pull out nice graphs about air quality over time and place. Instead of cities having few key measuring stations, crowd of people could measure air quality around the city within their normal activities and thus provide really comprehensive data sets for further analysis of air quality.

Sparkfun is currently providing few different biometrical sensors with reasonable prize. Gps sensors though are still quite expensive for prototyping use. The overall costs with simplest implementation would be reasonable and should also fit to Lilypad’s architecture.


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