Some inspiration links I found

Some sites i found relevant or just otherwise interesting:

  • (Good overview of different sensors available, and what they are for)
  • Pachube (Store, share & discover realtime sensor, energy and environment data from objects, devices & buildings around the world. I might utilize this for my project 2)
  • (Advanced components to buy, displays etc.)
  • (nice alternative for Arduino, if your more comfortable with actionscript)
  • iButton (Great small button to integrate into your garments for access control, attendance etc.)
  • Nintendo nunchuck (I will definately try this for my project 3, cheap and relatively easy way to get 3-way accelerometer sensors with extra buttons)
  • Mobile processing ( for mobiles with java, great for portable solutions)
  • Bluetooth mate with LilyPad (Wireless connection solution for LilyPad)
  • Interfacing with Arduino (Important libraries for for different input/output purposes)

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